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Coming Up With New Ideas For Useful SEO Articles

As a writer, coming up with fresh ideas for articles can be one of the most challenging parts of my day.  Like many, trying to think of new content on a subject for my Blogs or SEO articles can get complicated and frustrating.

Everybody wants to create that unique article that will go viral and put them on top of all search engines, and make them a reference in their field. but sometimes it feels like everyone is already ahead of you. Ideas don’t just appear out of nowhere. They’re formed from all the various input that you take in. If you’re a writer and stressed because you cant come, up with relevant ideas and topics for your SEO articles or blog posts.

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Don’t limit yourself to just to writing, try reading. Constantly reading can help you come up with tons of ideas. Read about many topics not just your specific field, that means reading a magazine or journal articles that are outside your normal area of expertise. The more you read, the better article ideas you will generate.

A great place to start reading is online: blogs, news sites, forums and even Facebook; all excellent source of ideas, just waiting for you to find them. When you read you will come across topics you may have never considered. The more information you encounter the more data you’ll gather to turn into great content. Also consider that if you are optimizing webpages for your clients or guest blogging , having knowledge about different topics will enrich your articles and make them sound more professional.

Talk to others

Sometimes the best ideas come from the people closest to us. Even if they are not knowledge about our topic or have a clue on SEO basics, they are still people. It might seem like an obvious choice know that I mention it, but many don’t consider just asking the person next to them if they have any ideas, questions or issues they would like to see more info on. Don’t be hesitant to talk to your family, coworkers or friends to get ideas, you never know what kind of knowledge they posses.

If you are socially awkward , shy or do not want to bother anyone there is always the online option. One can always find someone to talk  and discuss matters with, no matter the topic. Finding people online with the same interest or goals as you, is a great source of information.  Don’t be surprised if your next big idea comes from that level 70 Orc hunter from WOW.

Internet forums and discussion boards are filled with people knowledgeable in serious specific areas you may need info on.  Being it, expert medical sources or just single mom struggles, there’s always one or two people who are willing to give their opinion. Just make sure you do your homework and verify their information, not everything people say on the Internet is true.

Ask your #Twitter Following

Ask your followers what they want to read. Its simple and you only need 144 characters or less to ask for ideas. I’ve used this method many times and the responses have been tremendous, if you don’t have that many followers just quickly look at the trending topics and use the #hashtags to get ideas.

What’s Trending?

If you need article ideas, make Google Trends your best friend and watch your creativity skyrocket. On this page, you can find the top 100 keywords that are being searched in Google. It’s updated continuously  so the information is current.

Finally remember, when you’re generating ideas and considering  topics , you’ll inevitably come up with a few bad ideas. But that’s not a bad thing. Ideas, even bad ones often lead to a whole train of thought, and you might end up with a really good idea from something, which seemed, at first glance, discouraging.

You may not feel you’re original with what your writing, but you’re helping to address issues and answering questions  that people have. And when you stop to think about it , isn’t that what SEO writers should be doing anyway? Get the right info to the right people, in a way they can understand it and actually learn it.

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