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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Local SEO

Local SEO refers to search optimization efforts targeted towards attracting customers from a specific local area.

Get ready to welcome your local customers with local SEO

SEO experts recommend that any business that gets all or part of its customers locally should not ignore the beneficial effects of local SEO. The general rule is that if your business has a specific physical location and you expect customers to visit you there, they must be able to first find your physical location online via local SEO.

For instance, if you are a doctor, florist, restaurant, sports accessories shop or any business located in a particular place, local SEO is important for you.

The importance of local SEO has further increased in the wake of Google’s Venice Update, as explained in detail by this Search Engine Land article.

In this post, I shall share with you 3 reasons why local SEO is crucial for enhancing your business, and why if you ignore local SEO you do so at your own risk.

  1. Helps You Target Customers More Specifically

The basic rules of marketing state that a targeted marketing approach delivers higher degree of success. With regular SEO, you are reaching out to the world at large. This may or may not be effective for your business.

The more targeted your marketing, you get better results.

As a Fremont restaurant, if you have secured a top spot for the term ‘great restaurants’, that’s good. But you can be sure that someone performing the search in New York is not going to call and reserve a table for two that night!

  1. You Are Able to Reach Out to ‘Very Hot’ Leads

People performing a local search usually have an urgent need to fulfill. For instance, someone who types “dog food store Pasadena” has just got a dog and wants the details. It is unlikely he is looking for the information because he is researching the nutritive composition of dog foods. Local SEO efforts that put you at the top of the SERP for such queries, enable you to reach out to ‘very hot’ leads that have higher chances of concluding positively.

  1. Offers Convenience to Customers

Convenience has become a big factor for people in their day to day hectic lives. While they may be unable the change the commute distance to work every day, they don’t want to travel the same distance while heading out to dinner. They would rather go to some place close by. And if you have used local SEO effectively, you may have earned customers for yourself. Great job!

This post was written by Yasir Khan of Quantum SEO Labs.  Quantum SEO Labs specializes in offering local SEO strategies for clients.