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Fall In Love With Your Writing

I can’t even explain to you how excited people get to read an encyclopedia article. That is mainly because people’s level of excitement about this ranks so low on a rector scale, that the number is in the negatives and is almost as long as Pi! Reading something from an encyclopedia is never on the top of someone’s to do list, and if it is, it’s almost always procrastinated. Now, the same concept doesn’t apply to reading the latest romance novel. I could name a handful of women who can’t put down those things at nighttime. And yes for your information, I would be one of those women in that group.

Writing has the ability to capture someone, to addict someone and to make someone feel emotions that makes that person excited to continue reading. Writers can achieve these types of reactions by making their writing personable, reaching out to the person reading their work and swallowing them whole until they are entirely engulfed into the story. Writers can do this by putting themselves inside of the situation they are writing about and relating themselves to what they are writing about. Now, it’s understandable that in your position you may not be able to write fictitious love stories. You may have to dig for information to write articles about various topics. You may have to write about something that is commonly perceived as boring, perhaps something like a rubber grommet, and that may not be as easy as writing about a love fantasy would be. I’m not expecting you to be able to write a love story about grommets. However, this is what I do expect from you.

I expect you to try to fall in love with your topic. I know that sounds a little strange. How are you supposed to fall in love with grommets? You can’t force love, especially with something seemingly boring. It’s like trying to love an awkward person your mother keeps trying to convince you to date. It’s almost impossible. What I mean is try to fall in love with your subject. Make yourself see the interesting things in the topic, the lovable things. Try to view it from every angle by putting yourself into the topic by relating yourself to it to find the funny things, the strange things and the entertaining things. Submerge yourself into your topic until you find yourself loving it. When you are in love, these things happen naturally. Passion expels through you when you are in love. It’s evident in your writing when you write passionately and that passionate writing is what reaches out to the reader.

Here is an example to help clarify what I mean. Your topic is grommets. Seemingly boring? Check. This seemingly boring topic can be made interesting by talking about its various uses. Did you know that plastic grommets are used inside children’s ears to cease and cure ear infections? They are inserted into the ear, which opens up airflow and evaporates the fluid that was built up inside of the ear. How could you not love something that helps children?

When you are in love, you can see things about something that most other people can’t. Your job is to fall in love with your topic as a writer to show the public and the readers what there is to love about this topic. Loving your topic means you write with passion and passion is what hooks readers. Love your topic and find your passion for it. It makes it possible for your audience to also fall in love with your topic and mainly, your writing.