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Tom BatesThank you for visiting SEO DALLAS. Our team of Dallas seo’s are here to provide two things; results and world class customer support. Each member of our team will play a vital roll in the success of your project.

Make no mistake, there are many Dallas SEO companies here in the metroplex who lay claim on GREAT SEO and AFFORDABLE rates. Be careful as to not put the finances of your business in the hands of a person working from a basement or as a weekend warrior getting their feet wet for such an important part of your marketing and Dallas Business.

Our system is real simple and process fully understood. There are no smoking mirrors or magic in SEO Service. Dallas businesses who are interested in results can look to our Dallas SEO team for just that.  We not only stay up to date with all Google’s Updates, but run testing strategies of our own on a regular basis.

My name is Tom Bates and am the in-house “SEO Dallas GURU” who will be over looking your project, and have launched many SEO verticals for both myself and many many clients over the years. I am the president of Absolute Placement Today, Inc. and have served the SEO needs to Dallas Based businesses for years, and have been successful in each and every project. We are Accredited by the Dallas BBB as a reputable and accredited company. is an internet property owned and managed by APT Media, Inc. who has successfully launched local seo, national SEO and international SEO projects. Scheduling with us is real easy, JUST CALL. We have NO SALES PEOPLE!! We are here to inform, educate and partner. In our view, an informed client is the best client.